Sonoma County

APRIL 19-23

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This camp will give you the tools to race and train in a way where you’ll get the best of yourself.  In most endurance events, people defeat themselves.  We will give you the tools to execute by removing inefficiencies and to pace in a manner allowing you to get from start to finish in your best time. We all want to increase our fitness, This camp will provide you with the foundations of performance. Analysis, efficiency of movement, nutrition, race execution, training methodologies, etc.

Provide you with an environment to discover what the endurance lifestyle means to you. Each of us have different life circumstances and once you leave our camp we’d like you to integrate your version into your normal daily activities. We understand that once you walk away from The Camp, many of our lives are different with varying time commitments. We want to help you discover what the endurance lifestyle means to you and apply it in a way that makes your fit, happy, and healthy.

Daily training for triathlon in the morning.  Every PM post lunch is added value learning and services:

  • Nutrition lecture and discussion 

  • Bike Fits and the importance of the aero position.  Understanding aerodynamics on bike, wheels, clothing etc.  

  • Wetsuit demo, selection and proper fit.  Training tips and open water insights 

  • Strength:  Pilates, TRX, Stretch Cordz, Core and Weights 

  • Swim video analysis and group download: highlighting pointers and technique that applies to all.  

  • Race Strategy and pre race planning approach.  Panel discussion 

  • Pre Race morning run through (140.6 & 70.3) – IM SR prep or any race etc.  


What’s included:

  • Daily training (SBR) with SAG support.

  • Small group format with 3 coaches rotating.  

  • Pool and Open water swims with coaching

  • IM and IM 70.3 Santa Rosa course preview and strategy

  • Massage – Bike Fit – Swim analysis – Gear analysis

  • Daily lectures and extended learning for all aspects of triathlon

  • Daily meals:  dinner all nights, lunch most days unless training goes over.  Breakfast some days due to push-off time and learning for morning fueling.



For over a decade now, a group of us would find an excuse to get together for what we'd label a training camp.  We'd pick a destination based on weather, scenery, and ease of training.  When these first started, the goal was to use the group for motivation in order to put in a big chunk of training.  This group has consisted of pro triathletes, physiologists, bike fitters, nutritionist, and experts in other varying fields, so there was always learning involved, even if it wasn't triathlon related. 


As our lives have changed and our athletic goals fluctuate from season to season based on our life circumstance, we continue to do these camps together. It turns out the camps were the highlight of each season and no matter if we were racing or just exercising, we enjoyed the endurance lifestyle.

Lifestyle typically reflects an individual's attitudes, way of life, values, or worldview


We decided to start THE CAMP to share this experience with you. Train hard, play hard, and learn something in the process. This is our version of the Endurance Lifestyle and we invite you to share in this experience.  We hope that you can take cues from our version and make it your own...create memories and discover new friendships.








$1,199.00 USD